our støry.

We are all dreamers. That’s why at ASTØRY we love to show you what makes our hearts beat faster, our visions crystal clear and what puts our minds in overdrive. As creative professionals we want to think beyond the borders of existing concepts, without deadlines and restrictions. To create something that drives us wild and rewards us with an endless flow of energy! – Welcome to the very beginning our story.

our støry. (Original Score)

“Life doesn’t occur on the margins of our emotions anymore. We feel trapped in an endless pattern of security, forgotten what it is ‘to explore’. But now a new path presents itself, the movement we were searching for. We want you to see it, hear it, feel it. While showing you beauty, love and spirit. We want you to be seized by panic, and filled with laughter. The dreams, dark realities and happily ever afters. We will bring you the peaceful nature, and the vibrant city. Make you doubt if we speak about reality or fantasy. Run! Harder, faster, in to the unexpected. We want your undivided attention, to make you feel connected. Don’t follow the obvious road to pride and glory. We only succeed when we become part of ASTØRY.”

partners of astøry.

  • Stan Brøeksteeg
  • Søgma
  • By RAVEN