The Breakøut Run.

the støry

The annual obstacle run ‘The Breakout Run’ was a feast to work on. The organization had a strong concept where the participants had to literally break out of a prison, before they could start their run. This scene was perfect for the video productions ASTØRY created. We made a total of four trailers that combined the story of a breakout, but also included different themes that the campaign was made out of. They revolved around the date, the different ways contestants could participate, the announcement of one of their obstacles and a video to boost everyone’s motivation before the big day would arrive.

The Breakøut Run
Brent van Dulmen PARTYCREW
You hand your job over to Stan when you don’t want to worry about it. I have been working with this creative filmmaker since 2012 and it has always been my pleasure. No matter if it’s a dance or sports-related event, ASTØRY has always surprised us with his ideas and concepts. ASTØRY likes to take matters in his own hands and pulls the right strings to create a stunning end result.

the trailers.


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