REBiRTH Residence.

the støry

How do you promote a festival campsite that has never taken place before? Exactly, you build your own campsite for one day and shoot the hell out of it. Together with the organization, we gathered a large number of artists who introduced the campsite to the viewers. When you think of a campsite, you think of campfire stories. So that became the source of inspiration for this video.

REBiRTH ‘Residence’
Ferry van den Nieuwelaar REBiRTH Events
Stan has been working as a filmmaker for REBiRTH Festival, REBELLiON and REACTiVATE for many years. He is in charge of the trailer and aftermovie amongst other things. Besides these videos, we also create themes for new editions of several events. The concepts are the guideline of our event. ASTØRY manages this project from start to finish, from graphic designers to animators and musicians. We are always very pleased with ASTØRY’s creative input!

the trailer.


part of this støry.

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