Resonate Hardcøre Classics.

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The first edition of Resonate was also the first Hardcore Classics event ever. In this trailer, we see a number of big artists from that time in an old location. It creates the feeling behind Resonate, the greats of a long time ago. We see them with something that reflects on their identity and the period Resonate stands for: which is 2005 – 2011. The voice-over and exciting trailer music support this message. After all artists were introduced, they came together for a special formation. It shaped the image that old legends come together for an epic gathering.

Resonate ‘Hardcøre Classics’
Robbert van Hintum Shockerz Events
Stan has proven to be of an invaluable worth to our team during the Shockerz events. ASTØRY’s creativity is a seamless fit to our concepts, making sure we are able to present our visitors with something unique every time. Besides that ASTØRY is also a very pleasant person to be around and who will always take that extra step. We sincerely hope ASTØRY will support us for a very long time to come, and bring us many more great things as we have already done so many times before!

the trailer.


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