resonate empire øf elites.

the støry

This year Resonate is all about the ‘Empire of Elites’. Long ago there was an empire ruled by 14 sovereign leaders. Years ago the empire fell apart, times changed and it has never been the same again. But this year, in 2021, we commemorate the empire in all its glory once again. We honor the legends who built the Hardcore scene.


Since the first edition of Resonate, ASTØRY has been closely involved in the creative process surrounding the event. Also this year we will ensure that all communications are immersed in the theme that we have written in advance.

Resonate 'Empire øf Elites'
Robbert van Hintum Shockerz Events
Stan has proven to be of an invaluable worth to our team during the Shockerz events. ASTØRY’s creativity is a seamless fit to our concepts, making sure we are able to present our visitors with something unique every time. Besides that ASTØRY is also a very pleasant person to be around and who will always take that extra step. We sincerely hope ASTØRY will support us for a very long time to come, and bring us many more great things as we have already done so many times before!
Justin Welgraven By RAVEN
Not only creative concepts, but he also sketches the movie, music, animations and storyline beforehand. This makes it clear for everyone what the result needs to become. This plan helps to hype up others for a production and ensures everyone knowing what they are working towards and how things might influence one another. ASTØRY is not only very good with film, but also oversees the bigger picture of a production. ASTØRY gets how to let a team work together on one production. Because of this well managed collaboration between different fields, Stan’s productions exceed themselves time after time.
Mark Reijrink CINEMARKS 3D
Broadly speaking, the concept was familiar and I received a clear briefing about the next step regarding 3D animations. While the borders were already established, there was still room for creativity, which helped me a lot. During the delivery of each preview I received good and critical feedback. This certainly lifted to final product to a higher level!

the artwørk.

The campaign image is the top view of the memorial site. A place where the 14 statues of the ancient leaders stand in a circle. We see the Resonate icon depicted as the living core of the past.

Resonate 'Empire øf Elites'

the trailer.

In the trailer we tell the story of the ‘Empire of Elites’ and introduce the 14 leaders. Join us and prove your loyalty to the ‘Elites’ who once shaped the sounds of our world.

Resonate 'Empire øf Elites'

the aftermøvie.

Resonate 'Empire øf Elites'

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