Primal Outdoor Synergy øf Souls.

the støry

Together with Start Moovin we came up with a story about ‘Founders’ and ‘Visionaries’ for the event Primal Outdoor. The artists on the line-up were divided across these two groups and let the visitor decide which group they identified with most. We had videos pop up everywhere during this campaign, making sure the theme started to come alive in the hardstyle scene. Further on we made it clear to everyone, making their eyes point directly towards the event.

Primal Outdoor ‘Synergy øf Souls’

the Visiønaries.


the Føunders.


the reveal.


part of this støry.

  • Primal
  • Start Møøvin
  • By RAVEN
  • Yves Nix
  • jeffreydirkse.cøm