d-sturb legacy.

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The frequent collaborations with D-Sturb all originated from this video. His massive hit ‘Legacy’ deserved a full videoclip. We came up with a concept based on the vocals in the track. We feel you have only left an impression (a legacy) when you’ve had success. The path to success might seem easy, but it sure isn’t. You will face many obstacles along the way, but when you persist you will eventually reach your goal. Hence the idea behind this videoclip.

D-Sturb ‘Legacy’
Jorrit Popkema D-Sturb
For me, Stan is one of the most pleasant colleagues to work with. Besides delivering top notch quality videos at all times, ASTØRY is also one of the best concept-wise. When talking about deadlines, Stan’s the guy you want. The same goes for an professional approach, and you never have to worry he might overlook anything. Stan is a great guy who is always open for another person’s opinion and view on a matter.

the videøclip.

D-Sturb ‘Legacy’

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