revelation all in øne.

the støry

If there would be one pill that holds everything… One pill to make you question all your beliefs… Would you take it? Since REVELATiON stands for all forms of Hardstyle on one stage, we thought this would be a great metaphor. From euphoric to raw, everything surpasses in one overarching concept. What if you didn’t have to choose? Would you go for all in one?


the recap.

The whole situation we’re in feels like a crazy trip, just like the concept we created for REVELATiON. Since several støries were canceled, we decided to spend extra time on this recap and make it something to remember!

the trailer.

We tried to translate the story in sound and vision. We see an absurd fantasy that grabs your attention and won’t give it back. It tries to seduce you and raise your curiosity. “Would you take one, to have it all?”

Ferry van den Nieuwelaar REBiRTH Events
Stan has been working as a filmmaker for REBiRTH Festival, REBELLiON and REACTiVATE for many years. He is in charge of the trailer and aftermovie amongst other things. Besides these videos, we also create themes for new editions of several events. The concepts are the guideline of our event. ASTØRY manages this project from start to finish, from graphic designers to animators and musicians. We are always very pleased with ASTØRY’s creative input!
Justin Welgraven By RAVEN
Not only creative concepts, but he also sketches the movie, music, animations and storyline beforehand. This makes it clear for everyone what the result needs to become. This plan helps to hype up others for a production and ensures everyone knowing what they are working towards and how things might influence one another. ASTØRY is not only very good with film, but also oversees the bigger picture of a production. ASTØRY gets how to let a team work together on one production. Because of this well managed collaboration between different fields, Stan’s productions exceed themselves time after time.

the artwørk.

This image doesn’t require any further information. Would you take it?


part of this støry.

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  • Stan Brøeksteeg
  • Yves Nix
  • By RAVEN
  • Rick Øømkens
  • Start Møøvin