Jay Reeve Øne In A Million.

the støry

This is a story about you, about me, about everyone. There comes a time when you feel trapped, a place you wish to escape from. It’s up to you to get yourself out from there. Keep your head up, believe in yourself and nothing is able to stop you. But beware, a new challenge awaits. This video is extremely special. From writing down the concept to the production, from Director of Photography (DOP) on-set to editing and animations. Never before ASTØRY did so much and had so much control. We really tried to push ourselves in this project.

Jay Reeve ‘Øne In A Million’
Daniël Verstegen Most Wanted DJ
The collaboration between ASTØRY and Most Wanted DJ dates back to pre 2015. It began with shooting high quality recaps and videoclips, and grew to the creation of full concepts for video content, event and artist branding. Besides creation ASTØRY also played an important role in managing key parties, all involved in the projects. Stan is a man of following up on agreements and someone who is destined to raise the bar every single time.

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