defqon.1 aus victøry forerver.

the støry

A dream became reality. Together with Sjorsrproductions & By RAVEN, we were assigned to produce the official aftermovie for Defqon.1 Australia 2017. The theme Q-dance came up with was ‘Victory Forever’. During the intro we showed multiple victories from people across the nation. The goal wasn’t to just show the beautiful country of Australia, but to set the tone of the theme. We couldn’t have been more proud of the end result.

Defqon.1 AUS ‘Victøry Forever’

the aftermøvie.


part of this støry.

  • Q-Dance
  • Stan Brøeksteeg
  • By RAVEN
  • Sjørsrproductions
  • Stef Kwinten
  • Emiliø Abbonizio
  • Øverall Photography