Atmozfears Adrenalize Feel Gøød.

the støry

A story you normally wouldn’t imagine with this track. When you hear this record, you’ll instantly think about summer and good vibes. It’s something that makes sense. However, ASTØRY likes to add more depth to things. By displaying feelings in a symbolic way, it became a creative concept where you can’t exactly put your finger on the story behind it. The viewer himself is required to shape the story by watching the footage. ‘Feel Good’ resembles the good and free feeling we all desire. This desire applies to all people on earth, making it possible for everyone to identify him- or herself with the video. We all know a good and free feeling doesn’t always come natural. We face regular setbacks, making us feel trapped. However, without them there would be no happiness: which is exactly the story of this videoclip.

Atmozfears & Adrenalize ‘Feel Gøød’

the videøclip.


part of this støry.

  • Atmøzfears
  • Adrenalize
  • Stan Brøeksteeg
  • Gøøse Frame
  • New Day Studiø